About Me

About Me

I live in Accra, Ghana and I am very passionate about programming. I mainly program in PHP, Ruby and JavaScript. I am a Laravel enthusiast and have used it to build a number of projects. I also love playing video games - some of my favourite games include COD, Battlefield, FIFA, Red Dead Redemption, just to mention a few. Genres of music I enjoy include Jazz, Trap, EDM and some classic old school Hip-Hop.

With this blog, I hope to share with you my thoughts and knowledge I have gathered in my programming journey and basically everything about me.


expressPay is Ghana’s first payment platform that actually works. At expressPay, we serve as that single platform or medium through which you can send and receive money from a variety of options(Mobile Money, Card Payments) as well as pay for services such electricity, water, internet…you name it.


I recently teamed up with the forloop Ghana through my colleague at work- Ore Ogundipe. At forloop, I help organise meetups and hackathons for up coming developers(first event in a couple of weeks -super excited). Due to my introvert nature, I haven’t given any talks yet. I however have intentions of doing so very soon.

I love meeting new people or making new friends so feel free to holla at me on: